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A Storeful of Miracles. Tools and Techniques to Create Your Magical New World in Sacred Parnership with Spirit

Ellie Drew's Blueprint for Conscious Creation

As a Conscious Clairvoyant, Clairaudient Spiritual Researcher, Ellie Drew has received and perfected the blueprint for effective conscious manifesting.

Hailed as a Universal Teacherby Master Teachers of all Faiths and Modalities, she has taken the myths and misconceptions outof spiritual teaching and healing. The work she has received has been rigorously tested by scientists and top spiritual teachers around the world. Ellie Drew, extraordinary insight and scientific rigor has effectively created a true science of miracles.

Learn now to become a "Unified Person" that can confidently and effectively embody the highest frequencies of spiritual light and direct spiritual power to create miraculous new realities here on earth.After you have met Ellie Drew your life and reality will never be the same again. Are you ready?

Game on! It's time for humanity to ascend into our spiritual birthright and reclaim our Power.

You have been called because you are here to raise the consciousness of the Earth grid at this time.

Ellie Drew
Clairvoyant Researcher & Practical Mystic

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“Very satisfying. Fun, exciting, informative, useful, powerful, rich . . .”"Ellie holds and prepares the space of instruction with love, protection, grounding and intention. She speaks from experience and a clear mind. She taught with thorough instruction, practice, and stories. I intended to receive instruction in how to increase the joy in my life through inviting spirit into my life, and I received all of that and dirt beneath my feet! (grounded) - Very satisfying. Fun, exciting, informative, useful, powerful, rich - words I use to describe her workshop and person. This workshop can be taken by anyone at any level of spiritual development."